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>> horns blaring and tempers flaring. 20th anniversary of critical mass turns into a nightmare for drivers on the streets of san francisco. good evening. the situation started out calm then quickly spiraled out of control. drivers and bike riders faced off. listen as frustration started to spill over. >> you are blocking traffic now is that what you are doing. >> yes. well, no. we are actually not blocking traffic. >> green light behind you and traffic needs to good. >> we are traffic. blocking traffic man. why are you blocking traffic? let the cars two, man. you have nowhere to go. you have a green late. doesn't have any where to go. so many bikes.
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breaking the law and treating me like i'm the bad guy. in texas we shot your bleep. is that legal? see that? no. nothing you can do. it happens once a month. i wish i would have known that when i bought tickets. happens to be the 20th anniversary. so probably worse tonight than others. bleep. >> some of the sights sounds at one point temper blue and rider reaches in the car and eventually gets out. whole thing last add couple of minutes. nobody seemed hurt although very from us stated. go to kyra on the ground with the driver eye view of the situation and we are tracking her movement along with some other drivers on our exclusive ways app. kyra coming us
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through cell 7 using cell phone technology hi kyra. >>reporter: hi dan. we are here at market and seventh where lit relevant thousands upon thousands of cyclist have come to a stop. look at this they are looking at some sort of show on the side of the building above do nut world. circus d'soleil performance and literally stopped all of the city of san francisco here off market street. you could call it the just take position of fairly peaceful cyclist think they are peaceful and making a peaceful movement but extremely disruptive and ter creating very angry from us stated drivers on an strrdly busy friday night on the san francisco streets. let's get you to the video we have been shooting all night. we started with cyclist at embarcadero and folsom just before 7 tonight. critical mass cyclist baby and family. the whole -- no audio]
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people moving at the end of week. the man had tried given up getting home. he pulled the phone out and took video. we have more video about 20 minutes later we got a mile and a half up the row he had to zero magnet and o'farrell whether it was a complete standstill but i stress 20 minutes for us was actually fast. we were following the cyclist with the police escorting them so we got to whiz right through all of this cars at stand still throughout the city on market street. tens of thousands of cyclist made their way toward union square and as you can see thousands of onlookers pulled out the phone and camera to document the city at literal stand still. now we get you to our last clip. recent from 30 minutes ago. this is at van ness and pine where one driver
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with im paesh. he's waving cyclist frustrated and hear the hundreds of cars behind him aren't pleased either as dan showed you at the beginning of the newscast very angry drivers tonight as the city of san francisco just turns into a complete disaster for this 20th anniversary ride for critical mass an it is mass chaos here dan and we have been following it since 6:00 o'clock tonight. the ride actually started just before 7. and we will continue to follow it for 7 news at 1 11:00. right four live on market and seventh kerr 8. thanks kyra. >> again there is bit of may him and tension breaking out in number of parts of the city connected with the ride. good news we know of at this moment nobody has been hurt or seriously. our camera captured where kyra is at maret. look ae climbing up on various. there's muni sign and then loo
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look. somebody in the news ramp described it as a circumstance you us sole type performance on city streets. look at this circus d'soleil dangle above the street. as part of this 20th anniversary celebration if you will of the critical mass bike ride. agai again, there has been a lot of unrest. a lot of tension from us stated draivrs and from us stated people on bicycle. but to the our knowledge nobody has been hurt. has not gotten serious in terms of violence but certainly become from us stating for people in the city. l many thousands several thousand 5 to 8,000 on the streets of the city tonight. of course we are following it closely. we'll keep you updated as it progresses during this hour and full report of course on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. we mav on to other news. across the bay now and talk about something also that happened on city streets in oakland. 6 people hurt after
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an suv and city of oakland utility truck slammed into a building. it was a chaotic scene as you can imagine sent 2 pedestrians flying through a stover front window. this accident happened at 14th and franklin street. the story tonight from abc 7 news reporter nick smith i. >> beautiful morning. i lack up and people were come through the window. literally. >> at least 6 people were hurt this morning when this suv and this pun work truck crashed that each other. the truck then hitting pedestrians as it smashed into this the building. man and woman on the sidewalk at the time were sent anything through this gallery window. impact so strong she was knocked out of her shoes. her male companion head first through the window. >> head cut here. another cut closer to the neck. here he came through the glass. gentlemen was half his body was inside and the leg outside. we had to pull him outside. >> didn't end there. after the truck hit the wall the suv kept
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moving down the sidewalk. car tore down this pole ripped off the bumper of this parked nissan and decimated the front window and frail of the tiny nail salon. only yards away he did his best to help the victims in his shop. >> he grabbed the t-shirt and did the best to stop the bleeding until help could arrive. 6 people injured and taken to the hospital. gallery owner says the man who came through the window appeared to have the most visible injury. police have not determined who was at fault but know who was responsible for hitting the 2 on the sidewalk. >> looks like the public work truck struck 2 pedestrians. >>reporter: now the clean up started. shop keepers hoping to keep the businesses running and city workers repairing traffic signs. leaving little evidence of the chaos hours earlier. >> this is the spot where the city truck crashed in the wall. those insay they can feel the building shake. there is no word yet on the condition of those who were injured and
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investigators are telling us that early indicators suggest that it's simply a case of somebody trying to beat the light. in oakland, 7 news. >> 19 u.s. military veterans filed a lawsuit in san francisco federal court saying they were raped while in the armed forces and faced retaliation for reporting the crime. 2 of the defendants spoke about their ordeal at uc hastings college of law. they told stories of harassment and assault by military superiors. danielle was raped several times she says. starting as recruit in 2003. >> i thought hi 2 choices. will or unwilling. i knew that if i stood up for myself again i would have been punished mor more. isolated more. and abandoned. >>reporter: congresswoman spear joined the plaintiffs. she sponsoring bail called the stop act. that would create an impartial office of civilian and military experts to rae view rape cases in the arm
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services. now this past tuesday secretary of defense panetta ordered military to improve its sexual assault prevention programs. >> governor brown signed legislation today that creates the nation first state run retirement savings program for private sector workers. it covers more than 6 million low income workers whose employers do not offer retirement plans. employers will have to withhold 3 percent of the worker pay unless employee opt out of the savings program. 7 member board chaired by the state treasurer will add mr. the program in california. professional bowler from the bay area died early today. this morning on highway 101 in redwood city. tony reyes on tour for 14 seasons. here's a clip from him when he played and won the motor classic back in 2006. uses about 12:30 this morning the highway patrol says
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that reyes crashed that a sound wall past marsh road on 101 see it here on the map. got out of the car and hit by another vehicle. that driver stopped and is cooperating with police horrified by what happened no doubt. authorities say reyes died at the scene. he was an all american bowler at san jose state. he lived this san bruno and helped run a bowl center in san jose. he was 38 years old. well a lot more to bring you on busy friday night. car chase on live television ends in tragedy. one cable network is apologizing to the viewers. >> google map help people do a lot of things but tracking ufo? might be a new 1. coming up. just washington it is that google captured on its street view. >> hum. it's going to get hot enough this weekend to have excessive heat watch. which areas and weekend temperature coming up. >> also dramatic rescue in georgia today. hard to believe. there's a man on that gurney as it sails through the
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gurney as it sails through the sky. find out
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>> plane struck a bird possibly a vulture then crashed just after taking off from the nepal
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airport this morning. everyone on board killed. 19 passengers and crew. the passengers were going climbing in the foot hills of mount everest. dead were nepal i, bring issue and chinese including 2 brothers, 2 close friends, rotary club secretary and 60-year-old marathoner as well as a recent law school graduate. tragedy in nepal. well another tragedy back here. car chase in the phoenix area played out on television this afternoon. see them all the time but this one broadcast on major cable network live had a grazely ending and it was sloan on live tv inadvertently. here's dan harris. >> now he's off the freeway. >> this afternoon fox news was doing live coverage of carjacking suspect fleeing police in phoenix. >> i'm just not sure about it this. >> man pulls over on dirt road the anchor smith sounds wary. >> this makes me nervous i have to till. >> suspect on if the now runs and stumbles. gun in hand. >> always possible guy could be on something. >> at this point we pause the
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video as the man ends his own will have. on foox however they did not cut away on time. >> get off get off get you have get off it. my name is doug. >>reporter: after hazily run commercial break on air apology. >> we really messed up. we are all very sorry. that didn't belong on tv. >>reporter: it was a particularly disaster ending to what has become near daily fodder for cable and local new news. oj simpson slow speed chase to the toddler bounced out of moving suv. police officials say live coverage of high speed chase is down right dangerous. these recent shots of pacific robber throwing cash out of moving vehicle in l.a. sent viewers flooding into the streets. >> don't show it live. show it later. if you think some have to it just as much value on 10 minute delay as there is seeing it live. >>reporter: broadcasters push back that live coverage provid provides real time safety information.
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>> running stops signs red later. >>reporter: viewers want to watch these scenes. which 80's this classic american spectacle is not lakely to disappear from the air waves any time soon. >> oh. oh. >>reporter: abc news new york. >> all right. well let's spare the air alert issued for tomorrow. spencer is off and sandy is here with the full forecast. >> it's heating up dan and tomorrow you will just get a little taste of what is to come. warm it and gradually get you into this hot spell that is coming right now it's fog we are dealing with with the cool conditions from emeryville camera looking at interstate 80 and see the fog overhead. that fog layer tonight is about 1600 feet deep as we check out live doppler 7 hd see where it is right now. not just interthe beaches any more closer to the north bay. made its way into santa rosa. petaluma. novato. we are going to see quite a bit of fog tonight. no doubt about it.
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we definitely have our own live doppler 7 hd. it is on mount saint helena. always tracking the fog for you and weather changes kochlingt changes are coming let me tell you in a big way. it's hard to believe. heat headed our way. temperatures coast side. 60's and 70's in our inland valley. today cooler. inland location in the mid 80's in places like antioch mid 50's at the coast line. here are the highlights foggy tonight. misty in spots. warm hot this weekend and looking at excessive heat watch for the upcoming weekend starting sunday afternoon going through monday evening. covers all the inland valley as you will notice here. 90 to 100 grease expected sunday away from the coast line with additional warming possible for monday. so what this is is it's a word of caution from the national weather service saying prolonged period of heat. don't forget about the pets. little kids. don't leave them in hot cars obviously. keep yourself hydrated and stay in air conditioned room if you do
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suffer from heat related illness because this would be the time when that is possible. now if you are tempted to head to the beach with heat coming it's warm along the beaches here but we are expecting possibility of strong rip current. beach hazard saturday 5:00 a.m. through monday morning 5:00 a.m. so watch out at these beaches if you go and visit. it's going to be nice looking weather for a beach. temperatures tomorrow morning in the 50's. starting out with the fog low clouds even possibly some slick roadway due to mist so be careful out there on the slick side. tomorrow afternoon it's going to be warm. 84 in the south bay santa clara 88 in los gatos. 85 for new san jose peninsula we look at temperatures ranging from 74 in millbrae 84 in los altos. fog still hanging on at least a patch or 2 into the afternoon so pacifica you are going to improve from the mid 50's to the low 60's as far as the temperatures they will be going up. sunset district 63 degrees. 70 downtown san
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francisco and north by warmer day 85 santa rosa. 86 in nap a.low 60's still near the coast line and in the east bay we give you nice mild set up for you. 77 in oakland. 81 in union city. don't get too used to it. start cooking on suchbilityd inland east bay 93 in livermore. 92 walnut creek and for the monterey bay. 64 in monterey. 91 inland morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast spare the air day tomorrow. starts getting hot inland sunday monday upper 90's to low 100. that's unseasonably hot. mid 70's at the beaches. expected in the fall not out of the ordinary there. a little cooler tuesday. really don't start to feel it until wednesday through friday time period. dan you are going to be at the fine arts and crafts fair in walnut creek. >> that's right. performing 3:30 to 5:30 with his band. >> make sure you enter this sweepstakes. frain,000 viewers have now like on facebook. all eligible to enter sweepstakes to win frain,000 dollars. go
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to our facebook and click the win frain,000 dollar button. yes. that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry for. announce the winner october 18 right after the frainer game right here on abc 7 news. and of course dan and i don't qualify but we are happy for even else. >> yes. good luck is that thanks very much. >> white house says no. up next. chinese company wanted to buy some wind farm in the northwest but the president steps in calling it a matter of national security. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 continues us. 7 news at 9:00 continues here in a moment
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marks 20th anniversary of that bike ride and we continue our live coverage. 7 news reporter
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mark matthews live on the telephone near dolores park and mission in san francisco. that is where the ride which started at justin herman plaza was to end up and groups splintered off from there. what is happening. >> this is 18th and valencia. about 200 riders. what you are seeing circle riders just driving around in a circle taking over the intersection. they did this for about 10 to 15 minutes at 18th and valencia 20 minutes ago. obviously a splinter group just a couple of 100 riders. police accompanying them. we talked to some who had been on the ride from the beginning. also to a driver who was stuck in the traffic. >> it's always kind of challenging when a lot of people going through small space and certainly but i thought the drivers were really peaceful and riders and we all
9:25 pm
worked together to make ate positive ride. >> some people got out of the car waved and honked in deligh delight. i don't think it's too bad. you got stuck didn't know i feel in really bad. >> i have lived here for a year and i was wait to go run into something like this. it's pretty cool. >> that guy if sprays for being good nature. riders took off northbound on valencia the last we saw of them. the plan is some time arounded midnight they will good to the bar on columbus. but where they are right at the moment i think they are all over the city. smaller groups than what started out. >> i think you are right. driver does win the praises for patience and tolerance about all this. it was inconvenient for a lot of drivers today. mark reporting thanks very muc much. >> thousands of drivers did ride ders take to the streets of san francisco and many still out there. we'll continue to follow the progress and activity this hour and more at 11 over on channel 7. we continue with some other news. >> some pilot in the north bay
9:26 pm
worry the safety is at risk tonight. it's happening in sonoma historic wine country. >> is it going to take somebody gets killed before we react to this? >> up next here. fight between 2 neighbors has become a hazard for pilots. it's an abc 7 news [ woman ] don't forgetbc 7 news the yard work!
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> obs of small historic airport in sonoma county is battle with a neighbor what he can build next door and whether it puts the pilot and public at risk. story tonight from dan noyes. >> 75-year-old sonoma valley airport is a magnet for vintage airplane buffs. and home to some very rare planes like this f 3 f one of only two in the world still playing in. pilots
9:30 pm
like ken cop came hear decades ago and planned to stay until the end. tinkering with the men that first flaw around the time he started flying as british para trooper in the 1940's. >> i decided i wanted being british i wanted a british airplane. >>reporter: even in this devoted crowd chris stands out. here he is on abc 7 in 1993 flying tourist and turning loop for the camera. he is a master builder restoring planes by hand. rebuilt over 20 of them. and actually bought the airport in 2008. it's open to the public. >> i have been hear all my lif life. >>reporter: now he's struggling to stay. safety issues could force state aviation authorities to shut him down and he says his neighbor is to blame. how serious of an issue is this. >> this i believe is airport existence or airport extinctio extinction. >>reporter: that's where jorn comes n.he bought the property next door in 2004 to build a fly fishing ranch. >> this is everything for me. this is my wife and i dream to
9:31 pm
teach people to fly cast out hishtion he couldn't get the county permit he needed to dig a commercial fishing pond next to airport. pond stocked with fish bring birds. clear hazard for planes. so frazier reaplayed for agriculture pond permit and request sailed through. then he added a retail be. remodel residence and somewhere along the way built a shooting range facing the runway. he also offered fishing lessons. the county says he didn't have permits for any of this. saying is skirting the permit process in some way. >> i would hate to say that in a nutshell but he found his way to brick down barrier to achieve a goal. >>reporter: ben is the sonoma county code enforcement manage manager. on the scale of cases you come across he is a sophisticated. >> yes a sophisticated applicant. >>reporter: they say had you a very sophisticated method of trying to get around the
9:32 pm
permitting process. how do you respond to that. >> i guess i'm flattered that i'm so sophisticated l. >>reporter: sonoma county sued the outfitter and he settled and paid 53,000 in fine and court cost. he can keep the retail business open but can't operate a fly fishing school next to the airport. >> they came down on you. >> yes. they did. tl right. i believe they gave me the wrong permit. >>reporter: it was their fault wasn't you trying to sirj haven't the process. >> i believe that's true. >>reporter: new man tells us frazier made his mostly clear his ultimate goal is to operate the fly fishing school. he applied for permit to remodel his house and retail space even though the building is done and more county officials get involved. brown says she thinks there's a place for both businesses. >> i have as much advocate for the airport as i do for the fly
9:33 pm
fishing establishment. i think we need all the business we can have in sonoma county. >>reporter: also points out the irpt has fire suppression pond on the property. >> there's water all the way around. not a problem in the past. i certainly wouldn't want to discount the fact that at this time could be. >>reporter: that position an angers smith. he sits on the county airport land use commission. they advised the board of supervisors. >> there's no question that we found it incompatible. why we we found it incompatible. >>reporter: no. 1 concern the additional pond will bring important birds. increase the chance of an accident. that's what happened to pilot greg bear just as he was about to lift off in february. large goose smacked his plane. >> it made a huge, huge thud. know miss taking i hit something. definitely opened my eyes to how bad it could be. >>reporter: this is what scar scares me. is it going to take somebody gets killed before we react to this? >>reporter: but the debate couldn't end at the county
9:34 pm
level. there are more problems for him. the state department of transportation will take aim at the customers running on to the runway. frasier built it in rae response from complaint to the airport. he took us up in the plane for better look at the ponds and l safety zone that falls on frazier property. fence slices through an area that should be kept clear to give planes extra space in an emergency. in july the dot september the airport a letter giving notice the fence is a violation of the calf public utility code and that for flight and public safety we strongly recommend these fences be removed. why is that fence there. >> well, if it is a danger the we'll definitely look into it and take care of it. >>reporter: but the clock is ticking for the airport. dot will review the operating permit before the end of the year. if the fence doesn't come down by then the dot could shut them down. >> they may say you can't fly
9:35 pm
from here any more. and that l screws up the whole retirement set up. and life falls apart. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news. >> one more note here. after we started asking questions frazier taking down the shooting range. next up the board of zoning appeal where he presents the case for the house permit. as for how big a deal this situation is, the county keep in mind typically only su sues 7 people out of the 900 cases it gets. and one of them is leland fly fishing. >> president obama today blocked chinese company from buying 4 wind farms in northern oregon. the farms are located near a navy base in the town of board man where the united states flies unmanned drones an electronic war fare planes on training mission. wrong map i'll continue here. president says there is credible evidence that ladies know believe that the company might take action that threatens to impair the national security of the united states. this is the first time
9:36 pm
in 22 years the president has blocked such a foreign business deal. the firm says it will appeal this decision in court. we have a dramatic rescue outside atlanta, georgia today. >> 3 hours now to get to get this 22-year-old man out of here. >> hiker broke several bones when he fell near a water fall. he was alive but in bad shape. rangers secured him to stretcher hoisted in the air above the tree then cut through air at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour as you can see. they were whizzing along trying to get him to helps as quickly as possible. no word if see dated for the ride. >> still to come at 7 news at 9. more revelation from arnold schwarzenegger memoir including the stupidest thing he has ever done. and history on a movie reel. we show you scenes from a silent movie made if the days
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>> the m television interview arnold schwarzenegger says his affair with housekeeper was quote the stupid eingtd thing i have done. he's making the media round to promote the new autobiography called total recall. he says his wife confronted him about the love child in counseling session the day after he left office. schwarzenegger readily admits he did wrong. >> i think it was the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids is. >>reporter: schwarzenegger is trying rehabilitate his ill annual. besides the back released next week he has a few action movies coming out. >> in san rafael this weekend chance to watch a little history and maybe even go back in time for a bit. thanks to relic from the silent screen
9:41 pm
era. as wayne learned it's a forgotten part of marin county history. >> if you visit a public library some time it's best to never assume that these places are only about books. >> they absolutely are not. they are about information. they are about are about life. >> and silent movies. at the marin county free library lori thompson can search the archives and pull hundreds of files and photo and talk for hours about one silent movie in particular. >> highly respected film journal of the day said sol only jane a master piece. >> you have probably never heard of it or actress who played the hero inor california motion picture corporation or most resident around here in san rafael but old map and film historian david keen tell a stir of how in 1914 there was a state of the art operation here. >> big glass stage in the
9:42 pm
background over there. >>reporter: from 14 feature length film only 1 original print remains. the marin county 43 library will be showing it at the are fell theater. >> different viewing experience than modern film. >> it's typical of the time. girl and her father travel to california for the gold rush with all the classic western mellow dramatic ingredient. good guy. bad guy. straw cross lover. chases. pristine lake. >> that's the beauty of it. it's marin county in 1914. >> marin before cars. traffic. modern life. more interesting things in the movie takes place here that winds down mountain tamalpiais into fairfax. it's winding and 20's ty and people like driving it for the spovrment imagine trying fit a stage coach. behind horses. on dirt. >> used a real stage coach driver. >>reporter: old joe downey. >> speeding down the hill. apparently the actors were terrified. because old joe
9:43 pm
really knew what he was doing and drove fast. >>reporter: cost of frain,000 dollars the movie never broke even nor any other manufacture aet company made. by 1916 the studio had begun falling that neglect. actually a five and explosion consumed all the prints except this one. it's not exactly a hollywood ending for an actress and company that always gave their audiences happy ones. >> tree still 30. tree at the lake is in longer there. >> would you know that wouldn't you. >> i would. i would. yes. we have actually been out there and looked. >>reporter: why always seem better in front of the camera. from marin county, abc 7 news. >> what a great shot. >> person odd of being struck by lightening are around 1 in 7 75,000. coming up next. caught on camera. the unfortunate one in that statistics. stay with s.. more to
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>> bolt of lightning hit an suv in russia recently and we have the video. keep your eye on the car in the left-handane. dash camera records the lightning strike and hit the toyota. we it a few more time times. everyone inside the suv is fine but watch the p.o.w. really got nailed. the car did stop shortly after it was hit because the lightning fried the electrical system. look at. that but again everyone is said to be okay. kahn imagine what it must have been like inside that car. just terrifying. >> all right. let's go back up date the forecast. sandy is back with that no lightning tomorrow. >> no dan. that was pretty dramatic there. we do have warmer weather headed your way tomorrow spare the air day. inland community guest up into the low 90's. 85 in san jose. 77 oakland. san mateo o. 64
9:48 pm
half moon bay. up so to 70 an fran. mid 80's santa rosa napa warmth up to clear lake 94 degrees. now here's a look at the pacifica fog festival if going this weekend tomorrow morning 55 foggy noon time mx of fog sun 59 degrees. 3:00 o'clock sun starts to break through. certainly the fog rolls back in. just like it normally does. 58 degrees sunday. may not see much fog for the pacifica fog festival. harvest moon look to the east. moon rise at 6:31 it's 99.9 percent full. it's completely full at 8:19 p.m. tomorrow night. harvest moon the first full moon that is closest to the autumn equinox. 7 day forecast is sizzling sunday monday upper 90's low 100 inland. mid 70's coast side start to see a little bit of relief coming but not until the middle latter part of the work week which is why excessive heat watch up for the interior valley sunday afternoon to
9:49 pm
monday evening. >> that's hot. indeed. could see close to record temperature here. >> thanks very much. >> well the head of apple is apologizing for glitches on its i-phone 5 map application saying the company fell short of its own expectation. apple users have been flocking to social media to complain and make fun of apple map app. criticism includes misplaced landmark. incorrect results and the lack of public transit direction. cook says apple map will get better as more people use the app and provide feedback. all right now to google map and what happens when you search for the town of jacksonville, texas. the strange thing appears on your screen if you do. that l jamie went to the very spot the image was taken to investigate. >> you don't even have to put in a street. just jacksonvill jacksonville, texas and go to the street view then pan around and there it is. thing that i don't know what it is. looks like something from low budget 1950 slichblingt most people
9:50 pm
said wow! a lot. >> what is that? >> wow! what is itzv i don't know what it is. lack at it. >> what is that car in the sky. >> does different city and didn't find any similar anomoly must make jacksonville special. see anything. >> not yet. keep lacking we are looking. i'll stand here for the rest of the day though. >> nobody i spoke with had seen anything strange over jacksonville. it could be a lens flare or unexplainable reflection of some nearby object i saw no indication of anything which fell under that umbrella. jamie, 7 news. >> resolved sort of. larry is here with all the baseball tonight. >> they are here dan. they are here. that's what it was. of they are in our building. >> oh, yes. >> pretend we don't know. the a's sprint to the finish with 6
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. mix of celebration and frustration in san francisco tonight. continue our live coverage of the critical mass ride as it continues to weave through the city tonight. >> plus san jose newest casino hoping to hit the jackpot in court. why it is suing the city. next on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel z.hope you join us for. that but larry with all the sports and a's basebal baseball. >> a's hoping to hit the jackpot in the next 5 or 6 da days. 6 games away question for them can they get there with the play off spot. a's opening 3 game series with the mariners. before the game a's pitcher accepting nomination for the award great to see him back and healthy after the line drive to the head. didn't waste time. lead off homer. up in a flash 1 nothing. 3rd inning tied at 1. steven drew means goodbye. 3-1 curb on.
9:55 pm
bases loaded. can't handle the pitch from perez. a's up in the evident. josh donaldson back up the box. came with the bases loaded. 2 run scored. a's busted open up 8-two in the eighth. if they win they stay game behind the oriole top wild card spot and 2 up on the angels for the second wild car card. giants padres in san diego. looks like some of my outfits. never mine. any way giants leading 1 nothing. who has been in my closet sandoval? pablo goes deep to left center scoring ryan and marco up for 3 nothing lead. solid outing by ryan here and this is really welcome in terms of his struggle lately. 6th inning. 1 run struck out 4. giants leading 3-1 in the 9th. history was made tonight in pittsburgh. david bailey
9:56 pm
nicknamed homer after his great grandfather and he tossed a no hitter. came into the game with modest record and struck out 10. took it into the 9th final out right there. presley pops out. 1 nothing the time. bailey the first reds pitch tore throw a no no since 1988. seventh this year. golf is a gentlemen sport. not split to make noise. speak softly then you have the ryder cup. golf with a football mentality. crowds just outside chicago loud and support of team usa. great day for phil partner keegan. tee shot on 17. stick it. european concede. won both match. not the same for tiger woods and stricker they lost both. down 2 on the 16. tiger trying to close the gap. watch birdie here. tiger was pumped. stuck approach on 17. but nicholas needed this to keep the lae. he drains it.
9:57 pm
out of his mind today on 18 wood need ago birdie. square the match and can't get it to go. over all though good day for team usa holding a lead over europe first of 14 and a half wins and after going o and 2 today wood sit out the morning session tomorrow being benched. best college qb in the bay area san jose state. heading into the game with navy tomorrow 3 and 1. here's mike. >> to jones. he's in. touch down. >>reporter: david graduate from palm high school in is a lean as. signed with nevada then transferred to monterey peninsula college where he through for over 36 touch council in 2 years. it was an easy choice for his next step. >> close to home. seem like a good opportunity and really excited about what they are doing. >>reporter: he completed 71 percent of his passes for over 1100 yards in 9 td against only
9:58 pm
2 pick. winning 3 straight games and this his first year with the spartans. >> coach done a good job to get us prepared and good game plan and making it simple for us. basically uses doing a great job getting us prepared. >> he played really well. we thought he would be good then you never know then in the stanford game hit a couple times bounced right back up and completing passes and didn't seem too big and i kept saying wow! he'll be pretty good. keeps getting better each week. >> spartans all time leading receiver greek loving the new quarterback. >> i tease him all the time. call him l playing great so fa far. jump n.real poised and just leading the offense so far hopefully continue to have a good season with him. >> well the spartans hope to make it 4 straight victory they take on the midship men of navy back in annapolis. in san jos jose, abc 7 sports. >> alma mater from hawaii played tonight. we lost 47 nothing to byu. not showing highlights of that. it was
9:59 pm
close. no highlights. larry won't, spare you of that. for all of us here thanks for all of us here thanks for watching. see mac: 6:58, 6:59, seven minutes. keep going, buddy. frank, are you seeing this? i'm working on the chicken parts situation here.

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